Leading a Safety Culture

People Leadership with Bluetrack Training

Why Pick Us Alt

Who We Are

We’re a group of training professionals with decades of experience in training design and delivery. 

We’re scattered across New Zealand but co-ordinate our activities from our Christchurch HQ at Waikuku Beach, which is also used as a training venue when it suits the clients needs.


Our Vision (Where we want to be)

To operate in an environment where training is viewed as an investment in performance that pays back real dividends.


Our Mission (How we’ll achieve the vision)

To deliver powerful training sessions that provide real change to organisations.

We’ll know we’ve achieved this when organisations tell us that their investment in our courses has provided benefits far greater than the cost.


Our Training Values (What we need to do to achieve the mission)

Client Centric 

This means we will always deliver a package that meets the needs of the client and provides a solution for the oganisation.


This means that we’ll provide a learning environment that allows engagement from all participants and flex to learning styles and ability.


This means that all of our sessions will be fun to attend.


This means we’ll regularly change state and keep energy levels lifted.


This means we’ll always strive to add benefit and minimise costs.


Choosing a training organisation to build capability in your crew can be a tentative experience…and getting it wrong can be expensive in many ways, the hardest hitting of which is disengaging your staff from your change journey or development needs.

There are some really clever and competent training companies in NZ (we know this because we contract to some of them), but what we can tell you, is that we’re big hitters when it comes to delivering results.

We bring your team into your headspace and unpack your vision so that they “get it”.

We measure potential and deliver simple tools to stretch thinking… and turn thinking into action.