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Leading a Safety Culture

What do we Deliver

So what do we deliver?

Many training organisations will tell you they can do anything, we’re not that organisation.  We have core disciplines that we work in and we’re really good with them, but some things are beyond our scope. We consider our client’s needs carefully and, if we can’t provide a fantastic solution, we’ll direct you to someone who we trust.

A good deal of our sessions are tailored to client needs and draw on models and exercises from all areas of our training suite… but if you are looking for something ready- made off the top shelf, here’s a taste of what we are serving up regularly…


Safety Leadership

All leadership is pivotal on the levels of engagement that exist, our safety Leadership courses deliver a set of skills that build engagement around safety and take it from being a “tick box” topic to something that is owned by the team themselves.

A significant focus of the new Health and Safety legislation is to boost employee engagement in safety and this course is designed to meet that need.

We cover a range of topics designed to bring your tailgate meetings alive, and develop a culture where safety thinking and actions become an integral part of your work culture.

NB:  This isn’t a hazard identification or accident investigation course, although we may have some discussion around these points, it’s a course to develop people skills with a focus on developing a strong safety culture.

If your team are only safe when you are watching and because you have rules in place, then this is the course that will take them from “having to” and into “wanting to” be safe.  Once you have this culture then the job becomes so much easier to manage!

We can gear this for delivery at any level from front liners to team leaders or senior managers.


Conflict Management

With a facilitator grouping that draws from backgrounds in Policing, Corrections, Military and Youth development, we regard ourselves as being heavy weights in the Conflict management arena.

We’ve read all the theoretical stuff and taken the little bit of it that we’ve actually seen work then drawn from proven therapeutic practice and hands-on “works for me” experience to develop some punchy (pun intended) sessions that deliver simple and effective tools matched with enlightening brain science.

We all love these courses and we’re no pretenders when it comes to credibility in this space!

We’ve all been placed in threatening situations that we had to talk ourselves out of, and we’re all still here to talk about what went wrong and what we got right.

In our conflict course you’ll understand how to stop contributing to the drama, acknowledge emotion and reason past it, how to take logs off that angry fire and how to recognise when you’re adding to it.

We’ll talk about managing self and managing others. 

What can we say, we love these courses because the tools are simple and easy to use!

Courses can be delivered in-house or we schedule public courses when we identify demand (which is pretty much all the time).


Stress Management

Need some real world coping strategies for lessening the impacts of stress? (That’s the bad kind, as opposed to eustress which is actually pretty useful to us all)

This straight forward course delivers tools to assist staff to identify signs, causes and responses that are appropriate.  This is a great course for workgroups that are entering a busy period or a tough project, or for staff who may be unaware of changing behaviours.

We cover some great topics on this course including perfectionism v healthy striding, the importance of diet and exercise and coping strategies.

Take the lead and invest in some coping solutions before it all turns pear shaped!

(factoid: The term “Pear shaped” is said to have had it’s origins in WW2 when pilots failing in attempts to perform perfect loops were regarded as having them turn “pear shaped”)


Managing Time

Let’s face it, this should really be called “Managing Tasks” since no-one can stop time and wind it backwards.

We have a range of tools for helping your team become better organised, prioritise what’s important, delegate effectively and deal with those distractors.


People Leadership

This is a really fun space for any facilitator because the shifts are so easy to achieve.

We’ve developed our own formula that draws on the principle of ensuring teams leaders have a toolbox that enables them to provide and develop.

Direction (Clear understanding of the vision and ability to communicate effectively)
Opportunity (Applied situational leadership and giving room to grow)
Motivation (The right buttons are pushed and blockers removed)
Ability (On the job training and skills assessment hits the mark)

Our DOMA course is the mother ship of leadership development.  It works because it’s simple, powerful and a fun ride.


If you have staff who have stepped up from the team into a leading role then this is the perfect course for them.

If you have promising staff who will be the next generation of leaders, then this is the course for them.

If your organisation is full of people who are really confident managing tasks, but struggling to manage people, then this is for them.


Call us to talk about how we can ensure your organisational needs are blended into this powerful course.