Feedback from one of our Enable Change course

We wanted share some of the awesome feedback Ruth got from a Bluetrack Training Enable Change course 

 We are super excited to have great feedback, if you are looking for an empowering course on culture shift then contact us today we can help 

 Is there anything you think should be deleted from this Enable Change Course?

  •          All was amazing
  •          Nothing – all has been informative and thought provoking.
  •          All good content, including games!
  •          No – Ruth is fantastic and makes it easier to learn.
  •          No it’s great, good and interactive.


      Any further comments you would like to make?

  •          This is an amazing programme that every staff member should be encourages to attend. It was awesome Ruth.
  •          Really enjoyed it 
  •          Great presentation, awesome presenter, tangible learnings.
  •          Awesome presentation, great interaction without being awkward.
  •          Great presenter, great content, thank you.
  •          Great thanks Ruth
  •          Fun and fabulous presenter/facilitator.
  •          Interactions and participation were great and got everyone thinking in the right frame of mind (from someone who does not like them).
  •          Great work.
  •          Thank you it was great and if everyone did it we would all benefit.
  •          Ruth is a great motivator, would like to see her deliver more training.
  •          Thoroughly enjoyable and learning at the same time, very bonding.

This awesome half day course Enabling Change Course: includes the following 

Stages of Change - Listening with Empathy - Behavioural Awareness - Motivation - Following the Right Path

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